Drugi o nama


We took a year to test ZWCAD. Now, its powerful technology and superior service proved our right choice. We are very satisfied with ZWCAD in terms of its stability and operating style. At the same time, ZWSOFT offers a very nice post-sale service and its affordable price greatly saved our budget.

--Technology Development Dept

Beijing P&T Consulting Design Institute




We finally chose ZWCAD as our new 2D CAD platform; therefore ZWSOFT became the new provider of Honda. After over one month’s use, ZWCAD has been fully applied to its system, which marked the beginning of the perfect cooperation between excellent CAD provider and well known auto maker.

--Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd




ZWCAD provides comprehensive 2D features as AutoCAD® and satisfied our drafting engineers. If ZWCAD can provide more 3D functions with the same price, that will be great!

--IT Information Centre  Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd.




Through carefully testing and comparison with other low cost software, we consider ZWCAD the best CAD choice in terms of either its professional levels or service support. Furthermore, in the past two years, it has made remarkable progress in its comprehensive performance. This gives us great confidence.

-Jason Lee, IT Manager

Evergreen Electronics Co., Ltd.


Regarding the drafting features, ZWCAD is a powerful software and we appreciate the affordable price. But I hope that ZWCAD can provide more architecture add-ons or more powerful APIs, such as ARX.


-Wong Hong, CEO of KLC Design Studio

When I first got some price information about ZWCAD, it made me think that it must be of poor quality. But after I downloaded a trial version from its website and used for several days, I was totally impressed by its powerful features and full compatibility with AutoCAD®.

-James, Journalist of CAD/CAM